Real-Time Bidding

Real-Time Bidding is system based on instant auction model that shows great results. RTB ensures that users see the ads they are interested in and advertisers reach previously unattainable performance.

Our Real Time Bidding system is created to optimize your revenue. You get the highest bid possible for each impression in the auction under 100 millisecond.

Maximize your revenue

Our system processes more than trillion bid requests a month. The data-driven infrastructure of our RTB platform handles thousands of events each second.

Our target was to create a system that maximizes our Publishers revenue, match the unique campaign objectives of our Advertisers and provide a clear result of each campaign’s performance in real-time. Our formula of accurate targeting, higher revenue and better ad planning works for all our Publishers and Advertisers.

Great marketplace

The marketplace we create for our users helps to buy and sell easy and profitably. Our technology creates a connection between advertisers and publishers who can transact automatically.

Using our RTB platform each advertiser optimizes the spending. Get only the most valuable impressions based on content, location, pricing, behavior and other targeting options. Publishers are able to optimize each impression revenue using their websites and mobile applications opportunities.