Display advertising

Advantages of using display ads

Display advertising is used to deliver general messages and advertisments to site visitors. It has a lot of different formats like images, video and audio, flash, text etc. Display advertisers frequently target users with particular traits to increase the ads’ effect.

Wide audience reach

Since the information blocks are placed on the major portals with high traffic (of active users and visitors) a lot of people see it everyday

Instant results

Users of the promoted resource show activity almost immediately after the placement of animated mini-clips on the web

Orientation on audience

Due to the modern technologies applying you can set the banner display so that they will be seen by only the certain group of people. Thus you can maximize the effectiveness.


Combination of branding and image functions. Banner advertising perfectly handle with user's momentary impulse to act and with improving of brand recognition due to bright images


You can build brand awareness and promote your products and services. While search advertising reaches an audience with an intention to purchase display can create an initial interest.


Creation of a visual image of a company or a product. Properly customized banner advertising influences the building of the brand awareness and forms the positive impression of the potential buyer about the product and later it will make him to chose your brand.